arlette badjeck


She wanted to have it all.

So she did it all.

Incarner tous mes rôles.

Explorer toutes mes dimensions.


Arlette Ngo Badjeck


She let herself be carried by her flow.

I am a communication professional, working for an international organisation.

So how did this website came about?

At first, I just wanted to talk about my family travels, to share pictures with my parents who live back home. I thus created a blog. After a few months, I was not happy with the blog, so I bought a domain name, and made it look beautiful, like a “real blog”, one of those blogs that you see from influencers that look so sleek !!! So I did that. Les voyages de HANS.

Then came a teeny tiny professional crisis, that turned my life around. The thought that I could be without a job, a job that had offer me refuge after a two years barren spell, sent me spiraling…inside myself. I turned inwards, and discovered an unparralled inner strengh. I discovered the power of my intuition and from then on, I started using intuition as much as the rational side of my brain to live my life.

And oh…by the way, I also discovered my healing capacities. Capacity to heal myself and to heal others. Anyway, more about that later.

At some point, my children really wanted me to write the stories that I sometimes tell them at night, those stories that come straight from my imagination. So I did. And I also wanted those pages to look nice. So I asked my husband to draw the illustrations. He did. We ended up with a children book, and decided to sell it. Kinlam et les animaux de la forêt. I was thus a communication professional, who has a travel blog and who is a children books author, and who heal people on the side.

Then came a point when healing took so much of my time, that I decided to make it into a professional occupation. I branded my approach to healing women, to healing women of African descent. I became a certified therapist. My approach is based on cleaning our roots, our past, and opening up our wings. Of trees and butterflies.

At that point, it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to explain to people what was really my professional occupation. But anyway…

One day, my intuition led me to create an all encompassing brand, that would convey my love of literature with a publishing house, my love of human connection with an event company and my love of fashion with an accessory brand. And because underneath it all is my love for Africa, and because I am militant like that, I called it African Propaganda.

African Propaganda, Of trees and butterflies, my communication consultancy are all activities I spend hours on on a daily basis. Because I want them all to succeed. I do not want to be locked in a role. I do not want to have to choose. They are all part of me, they all say something about me. I would be lost if I could not write or read anymore. I like the process of creating fashion. I like traveling and taking pictures. I love meeting people and sharing my experience. I love being a medium between the visible and the invisible worlds. I like touching people hearts.

So why choose?

I decided not to.

I love it all. I am doing it all.





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